Free Rolls

What are Free rolls?

Free Rolls, it is said, can make the World go round, why? Because they are free to join and the only thing it will cost you a little bot of time when entering your e-mail and username. It has only really been the last 18 months (Since around 2008) that free rolls have been offered in a BIG way. Most resemble online poker as that is where they first started but they have now moved on to slots, blackjack and at some casinos even roulette.

As so many players join up to take part in these free rolls the actual competitions can become very competitive with many even classing themselves as free roll professionals and go from one casino to the next only partaking in free roll tournaments. Due to their popularity you will find that many poker rooms and online casinos have a good selection of free rolls every day.

Which are the best?

The best free rolls to join are usually private or exclusive meaning you can shop about a bit for the best looking one. Most free rolls are set up to pay $50-$100 per game but should you find anything more exclusive then the prize money goes up into the hundreds, perhaps even thousands. Other, better advertised free rolls can hand out tens of thousands but these are difficult to get into because competition is so fierce and there is normally a limited amount of space available at the tables.

Why are they so popular?

Because they are free and they are usually easy to sign up to many join because they have the chance to win something for nothing and these types of chances do come along everyday, especially on the street or in the local village hall. Winners or free rolls are usually asked to make a deposit before they can claim their winnings but this is the norm and it also confirms to them that you are a new player (Existing players are normally exempt from joining in private/exclusive free rolls) and also confirms your banking details for payment. The player who wins is under no obligation to play with the cash they have deposited and it must be stressed that you do not feel you have to at any stage during the withdrawals.