Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are exactly that. Jackpots that get higher and higher the more that players progress on them. On the right hand side are some of the more familiar Progressive Slots jackpots, you will notice how they keep going up in monetary value. This will continue until someone is licky enough to get the reels in thr right place on the slot machine to crack the jackpot.

Some Progressive Slots, like Mega Moolah are very popular amongst players with numerous players already having won millions of dollars with the click of the mouse.

The very first Progressive Slot machine was created by Microgaming in 1999 which set a precedent for all online casino software providers to create other online progressives. The best part is that each online casino that has the same software are able to let their players join in meaning that with so many thousands playing, the prizes are the biggest in slot gaming history.

Each Progressive has a different story to it. By playing the game you do not only become embroiled in a battle to hit the big jackpot but are also part of the stories that also include mini in-games and special features. Many ask why players prefer to use the Progressives than other machines and although this is true to an extent, the main reason that players would choose Mega Moolah over the movie based Blade Slot machine is purely for the jackpot on offer.

One lucky spin on Mega Moolah and you are set up for life. One lucky spin on the Blade Slots and you will win around $5000 so for the starters the amounts differ greatly. Another reason is taste. Many players will look at Mega Moolah and think, what is that all about? They may then see the Blade Slots and remember seeing and enjoying the film in which case they can relate to the game and story line.