Global live casino

Everyone loves real casinos, they come with a bit of style, a bit of class, but many that are online are unfortunately generated by a computer and will never be as real as the real thing.

This is where Global live casino play comes in. They have gone that bit further in providing a realistic atmosphere by actullay putting their dealers live on your PC. This means that you can now watch the dealer and roulette wheel and blackjack cards as they happen in real time making it that extra bit special.

As it is live you also get the feeling that your chances are increased as the wheel is not run by software program to generate random numbers, but is spun round by a human being who is being paid quite well to do so.

Depending on how powerful your pc is I imagine some graphics can be sketchy even when live but you can watch the live screen on the television channel too so if you have a laptop then it may be the best choice. As far as we were concerned we had no problems with a 4gb RAM and 2gb Graphics Card so our only problem, as always was keeping the fan on full blast to cool the insides!

Depositing and withdrawing is made easy online and you will have a good variety of choices when it comes to payment methods. We used a UK Debit card to deposit and were paid within three days, back to the card after making a request.

Global Live Casino currently offer a €150 bonus match which could come in handy, especially for the high rollers amongst you. Add to that the live tournaments and quizzes and you have what is know in our industry as a very good choice of Live Casino!